The Research and Development Function is focused on quality upgradation, cost-reduction and process optimization, as well as on development of alternate processes and technologies for Synthetic Rutile manufacture and utilization of waste/ co-products.

One problem that is dealt with, is the effective separation of Hydrated Titanium Oxide from the Ferrous Chloride leach liquor. Studies are still continuing to separate Titanium Dioxide to convert it into chaste products. The Ferrous Chloride so separated is partly converted into Ferric Chloride by chlorination. Anodic oxidation to make Ferric Chloride is being standardised. The optimisation of process parameters to convert Ferrous Chloride to make an array of chemicals including black, red and yellow oxides is also being standardised. Recovery of Hydrochloric Acid from waste leach liquor is another area of studies taken up. Application of Ferrous Chloride in Paper mill effluent treatment and decolourisation is another achievement of CMRL.

We successfully used our product Ferrous Chloride for treating Holy River Pamba, a project of “Pamba Action Plan”during Mandalam Makaravilakku season 2008-2009

Regarding reduction of Ilmenite, kinetics are studied in detail with a view to reduce energy consumption and to improve product quality. Metallization and rusting of Ilmenite as an alternate environment friendly process for manufacture of Synthetic Rutile is under active consideration of CMRL.

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